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Social anxiety videos by other people

Social Anxiety – You are not alone

“Never give up hope.”

“Never be afraid to ask for help.”

“You have a right to a free and fulfilling life.”

Celebrities with social anxiety

Kim Basinger

“My hands were shaking. I was sweating so profusely I could not move.”

“…I didn’t leave the house for 6 months.”

“I used to go home and play piano and scream at night to let out my frustrations.”

“And this led to my agoraphobia.”

“Fear has been something I have lived with my entire life, the fear of being in public places – which led to anxiety or panic attacks.”

“I stayed in my house and literally cried every day.”

Barbra Streisand

“I couldn’t come out of it.”

“I didn’t have any sense of humour about it.”

“You know, I can’t remember my good reviews. I remember negative one. They stay in my mind.”

“Performing is not about perfection. I could never perform live if it were. For me, it’s about raising the money to do good in the world. It’s about self-acceptance. It’s about believing that I am enough.”

Ricky Williams

“ got to the point when I didn’t want to leave my house.”

“ I have a chance to reach out to people and let them know what I’ve been through and how treatment has made my life so much better.”

“If my story can help even one person to seek help, it will feel as though I’ve scored the game winning touchdown.”

Khalil Greene

“..for me it’s always been pretty deep.”

“I’ve always taken the game pretty seriously and wanted to perform well.”

“For me, it wasn’t healthy in terms of how deep it goes. I don’t know how to describe it, other than the fact it wasn’t pleasant.”

“It was difficult to concentrate, difficult to sustain my energy level. All my energy was wasted trying to control myself. Just trying to get myself to function, to be able to stay in the game and not be thinking so much what I’m thinking.”

“It’s just a battle to be relaxed.”

Donny Osmond

“I kept trying to remember the words, but they slipped through my fingers…the harder I tried the more elusive they became.”

“The best I could do was not to black out.”

“Being in show business, it was embarrassing to come out with this disorder, which at the time I didn’t even know what it called. I just thought I was crazy. I can’t even tell you how important it is to know that you are not alone, and others have suffered and gotten through it.”

There is hope. Just keep going. And take one step at a time.

Take care,


Dr Paul Ogilvie
Dr Paul Ogilvie