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Rest, Recover & become Stronger


Dr Paul Ogilvie

MBChB 1994, England, UK

Whatever your reason for being here, I truly hope that by using the hypnotherapy sessions available on this website, they will help improve your life in a good and positive way.

With good wishes,


You are Beautiful

It is sometimes very hard to see to beauty in your life, and the beauty in yourself.

We have so much ‘baggage’ about a lot of things.

‘Baggage’ about our past, our current situation, our physical bodies, our bad (but comforting) habits etc.

Wouldn’t it be nice to let go, and be free, from ‘baggage’?


It is a challenge to let go all the ‘baggage’ we have. It can feel like it is hard wired into us. However, it is possible to let it go.

Sleep, Weight loss, Confidence, Anxiety and Stress

The sessions available on this website can help you with all the above, and more.

By using  sessions on a regular basis, they can help you to sleep better, unravel bad habits, improve your confidence, and help focus your mind on what you want to achieve.

Beyond sleeping better, changing the way you think about things, and letting go of bad habits, is a life of beauty. A life where you can see and feel the beauty in yourself, and the beauty in your current situation, and the beauty in the future you desire.

Rest & Recover & become Stronger

The more you completely and deeply relax, and rest and recover from stress and ‘baggage’, the stronger you become.

It is like when you do physical exercise. When you exercise, you cause micro-damage to the muscles you are exercising. Your muscles become stronger not during the exercise, but when you allow your muscles to rest and recover and repair the micro-damage. It is in the period of rest that allows your muscles to become stronger.

So use the sessions available here help you to deeply relax and rest and recover from the effects of stress and baggage, so you can become stronger.

Hypnotherapy sessions with inspirational quotes

In the following session, the inspirational quotes are repeated between periods of relaxation deepeners during the session.

The aim of the session it that the wisdom in a quote can have more of an impact on your conscious and subconscious mind while you are in a relaxed hypnotic state of mind.

You can try it for free, just click on the session below, to experience what it is like.

Also, you can request a recording of a quote, or a few words, or or a few sentences, or a description of a visualisation that you would like to experience in a hypnotherapy session. Like in the session below, the words will be repeated between periods of relaxation deepeners during the session. As this is a new feature on this website, anyone who makes a request will have access to the recording for free.


The secret of change

is to focus all of your energy

not on fighting the old,

but on building the new.