About Joining

The aim of the premium sessions is to help make your life better.

The premium sessions contain different messages or ideas, for your mind to absorb, while you relax, or drift into sleep.

Depending on your personal circumstances, the sessions aim to help you to sleep better, to lose weight, to eat more healthily, to exercise, to reduce stress and anxiety, to develop your confidence and self-esteem, and, to live more in line with your personal values.

The premium membership is a way for me to share my work with other like-minded people.

I will be adding many more sessions to the premium membership. There will be at least one new session every month. Each session will contain a different message or idea.

If you would like to have a look around the member’s area, please click here.

If you do decide to join, a big hug, and, a big thank you for your support :)

Premium Membership features:

The membership will be open very soon. There will be an annual fee for the premium membership. If you like an email update when the membership becomes open, please either send me an email at paul@liberationinmind.com, or sign up below:

Thank you.


Dr Paul Ogilvie