The Secret Lake & Sleep Guided Meditation

This session is a guided meditation/visualisation. The aim is to help you to let go of any stress, or worry, or unwanted thoughts, or anything that might be holding you back.

It also has a few moments to experience a different perspective on your past and future, so you can enjoy being in this present moment.

I hope you enjoy using it, and that it works well for you.

With good wishes,


The link to the member’s page, which has both the sleep version and the normal version is here.

5 thoughts on “The Secret Lake & Sleep Guided Meditation”

  1. Jane Mellalieu

    Thank you Paul I so enjoyed the feeling of deep relaxation and deep inner peace the meditation engendered within me.
    A really useful tool to help rid the body and mind of tension and anxiety .
    Thank you.
    Jane M

  2. Thank you Paul, this is the best sleep meditation ever. Really helps me to relax and get my mind free and drifting. Helje

  3. Hiya =)
    I haven’t been here in awhile & all the free mp3’s helped me immensely.
    I am now at a very stagnant & unfulfilling place in my life.
    Now, I don’t know if there are free mp3’s anymore. I certainly hope there is! eep.

    Many, many thanksnesses for all the help you did provide me in the past though! =)

    Take care & stuff!
    Jillian Kenny

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