Who would you be without that thought?

The theme of this guided meditation is to deal with unwanted or negative thoughts by asking the question; ‘Who would I be without that thought?’. It is about conditioning this question to become more of an automatic response in your life.

If you are familiar with Katie Byron’s work, you will be familiar with this concept. It is one of the 4 core questions she uses in her work. To have more insight into it, I would thoroughly recommend reading any of her books.

One way of dealing with a negative thought, or any thought, is to ask yourself the question ‘Who would I be without that thought?’

The question is a way of seeing your life without believing that thought. So rather than battling directly against that thought, or dwelling on it, asking yourself the question ‘who would I be without that thought?’ is a good way of letting it go. It is also about questioning the validity of the thought. It is about directing your mind down a different path, rather than the one you normally go down. What do you prefer, life with or without, that thought?

Questions can be very powerful. Asking the right questions, can be a good way of improving your life.

An example of the negative effects of questions can be; asking yourself ‘why am I no good?’ Your mind will give you answers to that question. All those negative answers and thoughts will cloud your perspective on how things actually are. When this type of negative questioning is done, again and again, often sub-consciously, over months and years, it creates an unhelpful and negative reality.

Or, if you ask yourself, ‘what is good in my life?’ Your mind will give you a different set of answers. Those answers will influence your perspective on life in a good way. When you do this often enough, over weeks, months and years, it creates a different, and more balanced and supportive reality.

Remember, not all your thoughts need to be believed. Most of the thoughts you have today, are the same thoughts you had yesterday. Some thoughts are junk thoughts. They come from a mix of unhelpful thought patterns, habits and conditioning from your past.

Asking yourself effective questions is a good way of changing that balance of thoughts you have in your mind.

Asking yourself effective questions, can be a better way forward, rather than trying to directly ignore, or block out, current thoughts. Sometimes the more you try to battle against a thought that is already there, the more it stays in your mind.

So, when you are in a negative state of mind, ask yourself, ‘who would I be without that thought?’ Then pause, and be open to the answer.

I hope this session helps you.

With good wishes,


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