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Stress relief

stress relief

Regular, daily, deep relaxation is a useful way to manage your stress levels. 

As well as allowing your mind to absorb positive messages and ideas, I hope the sessions here help you to relax easily, and deeply.

Using these sessions can be like wiping the slate clean, to allow you to let go of any stress, and feel at peace for a moment or two.  Then afterwards, aiming to carry on with what you want to do, feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Category: Stress Relief, Confidence, Personal Growth
Published: May 2019
A session to help you let go of any stress, or worry, or unwanted thoughts, or anything that might be holding you back.
Category: Confidence, Stress Relief, Personal Growth
Published: April 2019

A session to reduce stress and improve your confidence, wellbeing and relationships.

Category: Stress Relief, Personal Growth
Published: March 2019

A way of dealing with unwanted thoughts.

Category: Values, Stress relief
Published: January 2019

A session to bring more thoughts and feelings of gratitude into your life.

Category: Weight loss, Stress relief, Confidence
Published: November 2018

A session to help you be motivated to exercise.

Category: Stress relief

A session to help you let go of unwanted thoughts and feelings.

Category: Stress relief, Confidence

A 10 minute mindfulness session.

Category: Confidence, Stress relief

A session to help develop your confidence and self-esteem.

Category: Stress relief, Weight loss
A mindfulness session to help you deal with cravings and bad habits.

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Dr Paul Ogilvie
Dr Paul Ogilvie