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Social Anxiety - Session 5 of 12

Part A – Hypnotherapy session

The main aim of this session is to deal with Negative Automatic Thoughts NATs. They are also known as Automatic Negative Thoughts ANTs.

Negative thoughts cause negative emotions like anxiety and fear.

Dealing with negative thoughts is the pathway to success in overcoming social anxiety disorder.

This session is a continuation of a theme from sessions 3 and 4, in dealing with negative automatic thoughts.

To be honest, it is hard to deal with negative automatic thoughts. First you have to uncover what your negative automatic thoughts are. And then you have to get rid of them. It is hard to do this, but it is possible. There is certainly hope. However, it does take time and effort.

This hypnotherapy session, and the tapping, makes the process of dealing with negative automatic thoughts NATs much easier and more effective. And to get the best results, practise using these tools regularly.

Aim to use this hypnotherapy session daily for 1 week (or at least 3 times in a week), then every so often after that depending on your personal circumstances.

Part B - Tapping

Remember to use the tapping sequences. It is important! They can be very effective. And produce quick and permanent results.

To get the best out of it, use the tapping sequences whenever you feel some sort of emotional discomfort, and on a regularly basis, like 3 times a day. It only takes a few minutes. And the benefits, particularly over time, are potentially huge. So start tapping now!

And as a reminder; the tapping sequences are derived from Thought Field Therapy TFT and Emotional Freedom Technique EFT.

Click here for the tapping sequences.

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Dr Paul Ogilvie
Dr Paul Ogilvie