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Social Anxiety : The 12 week course available here at LiberationInMind

Unfortunately if you have social anxiety, medication doesn’t treat the cause, and cognitive behavioural therapy can be hard to do.

I’ve developed a course using a combination of several alternative therapies together with some cognitive behavioural techniques.

It is pleasant and easy to use.

It uses the best from:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (safe to use)
  • Hypnotherapy (safe to use)
  • Neurolinguistic programming NLP (safe to use)
  • Thought field therapy TFT (safe to use)
  • Emotional Freedom technique EFT (safe to use)
  • Personal development (safe to use)
  • Coaching (safe to use)

All these techniques are safe to use.

There is nothing to swallow or consume. So, unlike medication and drugs, these alternative techniques do not have any harmful side effects.

It involves listening to audio, tapping on acupuncture points (TFT and EFT), and doing simple written exercises and mind exercises.

It is 12 sessions over 12 weeks. Aim to use each session regularly, ideally daily, for one week, before moving onto the next session.

It is designed to walk you, step by step, from someone who has social anxiety disorder, to someone who doesn’t.

I hope you will be pleasantly surprised at how some of these techniques will eliminate the painful emotions of social anxiety disorder, such as fear, anger, frustration and guilt.

I firmly believe in this process. I firmly believe in the above alternative techniques. When these alternative techniques are used well, they can produce some amazing results.

But does it work for everyone? No. Nothing in this world works for everyone, all the time.

Does it work better than medication and cognitive behavioural therapy? I believe it can do.

Why is this course so different to a cognitive behavioural therapy course for social anxiety disorder?

It is in the approach.

In cognitive behavioural therapy CBT, the whole focus is on changing your thoughts first, then this will change your feelings like anxiety and fear. This can be hard to do, especially when the emotions are at a high level. When you are in the grip of full blown fear, how easy is it to think positively? Even when you know you should?

This course is the other way around. Get rid of the strong negative emotions like anxiety, fear, anger, and guilt FIRST. Get rid of them first. That is the key. Get rid of these powerful, negative emotions first. Then certain cognitive behavioural techniques, as well as coaching, personal development and neurolinguistic programming, can be used to help you change negative thought patterns into more helpful and positive thought patterns.

The key is to eliminate the fear, eliminate the anxiety, eliminate the frustration, eliminate the guilt, FIRST. Eliminate these negative emotions first, and the rest becomes a lot easier.


Medication and cognitive behavioural therapy are the 2 main conventional forms of treatment for social anxiety disorder. Unfortunately, medication doesn’t treat the underlying cause, and it can have some harmful side effects. Cognitive behavioural therapy does treat the underlying cause, but it can be hard to do.

Using a combination of alternative therapies together with some cognitive behavioural techniques is an alternative approach. It makes the process of overcoming social anxiety disorder more pleasant.

So if you do decide to try this course, imagine what you could do without your social anxiety? Imagine how you would feel without your social anxiety? Imagine how your life would be? I know you can achieve this. All you have to do is follow the course, week by week, and take it one step at a time.

Step by step, you will get there. It might take 3-4 weeks, or it might take 12 weeks. But even 12 weeks is a small amount of time, compared to the years this social anxiety has gone on for, and the years it may continue to do so, if you don’t change something now, or try something different.

I hope you will give the course a go.

I wish you well.

Take care,


Dr Paul Ogilvie
Dr Paul Ogilvie