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Social Anxiety - Session 10 of 12

Part A – Hypnotherapy session

This session uses a light hypnotic state and a technique called Timeline therapy.

Timeline therapy is a technique used to get rid of negative emotions, like fear and anxiety from past events. And in this session, we are concentrating on social events from your past which have caused you fear or anxiety.

This session is a brief, and mostly detached experience of your past, but if, for whatever reason you do not want to go back to your past, then do not use this session. If you have any questions please contact at

This session can have a dramatic positive effect. You become released from your past. And those events which used to cause you anxiety and fear, when they happen now, they no longer cause you those same negative emotions.

Sometimes, using this session just the once is enough. But if you need to, it is ok to practise it daily for a week, then whenever you want to after that.

Part B - Tapping

Since the beginning of this course, I hope the tapping has helped you to reduce or eliminate those negative emotions like fear, anxiety, irritability, anger and guilt, associated with specific situations or people or memories.

Continue to use the tapping daily, and whenever you feel any sort of emotional discomfort during your day to day life.

And as a reminder; the tapping sequences are derived from Thought Field Therapy TFT and Emotional Freedom Technique EFT.

Click here for the tapping sequences.

If you like this session, or any other part of this course to overcome social anxiety, please share it with someone else who may also benefit from it. Thank you.

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Dr Paul Ogilvie
Dr Paul Ogilvie