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Social Anxiety – Session 1 of 12

Part A - Hypnotherapy session

This is the first of the twelve hypnotherapy-based sessions for social anxiety disorder.

Aim to listen to this session every day for a week. Alternately, listen to it least 3 times in the week. The more you practise it, the better your results will be.

Being in hypnosis is a pleasant way to relax and reduce your anxiety levels. However there is more to this social anxiety hypnotherapy session 1 than that. It uses a metaphor of white light healing as a way to encourage your mind and body to start healing itself, and also as a way to protect yourself from the outside stresses of the world.

Part B - Tapping

There is an acupuncture tapping routine (derived from Thought Field Therapy TFT and Emotional Freedom Technique EFT) to be used alongside this hypnotherapy session. It can be very effective at reducing or eliminating fear, anxiety, frustration and other negative emotions. To get the best results, it does need to be practised regularly. I recommend practising it 3 times a day. It only takes 1-2 minutes to do one cycle of tapping. So in a day, it only takes about 5-10 minutes in total to practise it 3 times.

Click here for the acupuncture tapping instructions.

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Dr Paul Ogilvie
Dr Paul Ogilvie