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Triggers to Eating

Aim of this session:

The aim of this session is to help you to lose weight by dealing with your triggers to eating.

Triggers are what start a habit, and once a habit has been triggered, it can be a real challenge to prevent it from carrying on.

Battling against a habit once it has been triggered is a significant drain on your willpower. It is very tiring, and continued exposure to a trigger often leads to carrying out the subsequent eating habit.

Instead of using your willpower to battle against a habit which has been triggered, it is a far better to use your willpower to set up your life to avoid your triggers to eating in the first place.

Often people who look like they have a lot of willpower, actually use very little willpower, and instead have set up their life to avoid their triggers to eating.

And triggers can be all sorts of things.

Visual triggers are very common. Generally, just seeing food makes us, at some level, want to eat it. So a good tip is to put all food out of sight. All food that is at home, in your kitchen, or at work, put it all away in a cupboard, or a draw, or somewhere else. Even better, if you can get rid of all junk food and unhealthy food, from your surroundings, it will help you a lot in losing weight.

There are other triggers too.

A particular time of day can be a trigger.

An emotion like stress, or boredom, or irritation, or guilt, or feeling bad, or feeling good, can be a trigger.

Another person, or a social situation, can be trigger.

There will be many more types of triggers which are personal to you.

How this session works:

There are two parts to this session.

The first part is to help you set up your life to avoid your personal triggers to eating.

The second part is to change the triggers themselves, so they no longer trigger an eating habit. This takes repeated use of this session to do this.

How to use:

In general, the more you use this session, the more benefit you will receive from it.

At the start, aim to use it daily for 1 week, and thereafter, as often as you want to depending on your personal circumstances.

There are 3 versions of this session:

  • Full version
  • 10 minute version
  • Sleep version

Use whichever version is the most convenient, and fits best into your normal day.

The 10 minute version is a condensed form of the the full version. 10 minutes is long enough to be effective and short enough to fit into a busy day.

The full version is good for a deeper experience with more positive suggestions. When you first start using this session, it would be good use the full version, or the sleep version.

The sleep version is the full version with additional suggestions for relaxation and drifting into sleep. The aim is that you drift into sleep whilst listening to the session. Your mind will still absorb some of the positive suggestions in the session, as you drift into sleep.

For each version of this session, there is also a variety of different types of background music, plus a voice only option. This is so you can use whichever type of background music that you prefer to use, or with the voice only option, you can just listen to the words on their own, or use your own type of background music.


I hope you enjoy using this weight loss guided meditation for triggers to eating, and that it works well for you.

With good wishes,


Dr Paul Ogilvie