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Freedom from Cravings Guided Meditation


For the intro video, please click here.

The aim of this session:

The aim is to reduce, and be free from cravings, both in the present moment, and in the future.

Use this session when you have a craving to unhealthy food or drink. The aim is that by the end of the session your craving should have gone.

Also, with repeated use, this session can help to reduce cravings in the future.

How does it work?

This guided meditation is a way of training your mind to deal with cravings.

It is a guided step down from any craving you have at this moment in time. By doing this, and not acting on the craving, you disrupt the patterns in your mind behind the craving. When you repeat this over and over again, the craving and the associated bad habit, gets weaker and weaker, until one day, it is gone.

How to use it:

Click play when you have a craving. By the end of the session, the craving should have gone.

It is not meant to be used when you are physically hungry. If you are physically hungry, you should eat.

It also helps to reduce the amount of sugar, in all its forms, you have in your diet. Sugar does cause physical cravings, and by reducing it, your physical cravings will get less.

Also, use this session regularly when you don’t have a craving. A good start would be once a day for a week. Then after this, use it about 3 times a week over the following 3 weeks. You can use other sessions as well as this one, on the same day. This is to practice dealing with those situations when a craving might come up. By practicing this in your mind, it makes dealing with cravings in real life easier to do.


I hope you enjoy using this weight loss guided meditation for freedom from cravings, and that it works well for you.

With good wishes,


Dr Paul Ogilvie