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Deeply Relaxed Eating


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The aim of this session:

The aim of this session is to reduce, or eliminate, stresses, or emotional reasons, or triggers or habitual drivers of eating.

This is achieved by developing the ability to both DEEPLY RELAX and EAT at the same time.

When you are truly deeply relaxed, any stresses, or emotional reasons, or triggers for eating, fade away.

This means you become more in control around food, and it becomes easier to do things to lose weight.

It allows you to more easily, change your thoughts, feelings and habits around food.

When you are truly deeply relaxed you are able to:

  • eat more slowly,
  • eat less food than before,
  • feel satisfied with what you have eaten,
  • prefer healthier food,
  • eat enough food to avoid hunger, but an amount which still allows you to lose weight.

Even if you start eating for other reasons than physical hunger, by consciously deeply relaxing while you eat, you are able to stop eating more quickly, because by deeply relaxing, you let go of those stresses, or emotional triggers, or habitual drivers of eating.

The aim of this guided meditation, is to help you develop the ability to both deeply relax and eat at the same time.

How to use this guided meditation:

There are 3 versions of this guided meditation:

  • 10 minute version
  • Full version
  • Sleep version

Use whichever version fits best into your normal day.

The 10 minute version is long enough to be effective, and short enough to fit into a busy day.

The full version is longer, and has a deeper, more meditative experience. It is good for getting a deeper conditioning effect.

The sleep version, is the longest of the 3 different versions. The first part is the same as the full version, which is then followed by additional guided suggestions for meditation, and relaxation, and drifting into sleep. The aim is that you absorb positive suggestions before you drift into sleep, or as you drift into sleep.

The more you use any version of this session, the more benefit you will receive from it.

In general, I would recommend using it on a daily basis for between 1 to 4 weeks. Or, you can use it as often as you want to depending on your personal circumstances.


Deep relaxation is a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

When you combine both deep relaxation and eating, you will be more able to lose weight in a healthy and natural way.

I hope this guided meditation, and the other guided meditations, help you reach your weight loss goals.

Best wishes,


Dr Paul Ogilvie