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Full versions:

Quick versions:

The aim of this hypnotherapy session:

The aim of this session is to allow your body to be refreshed and more in balance. It is a pleasant way to reduce your stress and recharge your batteries. And sometimes, when you relax deeply, you can also get a different perspective on life, which can be useful at times.

The Full or quick version?

The difference between the full and the quick version is the length of the hypnotic induction. The hypnotic induction is the first part of the session. It is the part where you are guided into a relaxed hypnotic state of mind. The more you listen to a hypnotherapy session, the easier it becomes to get into a relaxed hypnotic state of mind. So you might find, that as time passes, the hypnotic induction in the short version is enough for you.

4 different types of background music

There is a selection of different types of background music to this hypnotherapy session. You might find you prefer one type to another. And that’s fine. This can help the hypnotherapy session work better for you. Also, there is a version with brainwave entrainment in the background music. Brainwave entrainment is a particular music technology which is designed to help your brainwaves enter a more relaxed, peaceful, and meditative state of mind.

Why are there 8 different versions of this session?

Reason 1: Because we are all different, you might have a preference for one version. Using your preferred version can help the session work better for you. Reason 2: Sometimes using the quick version can be more useful than using the full version. This is particularly if you are in a hurry, or you feel comfortable about getting into a relaxed hypnotic state of mind reasonably quickly. Reason 3: When you listen to a session several times, your mind can get used to it, and perhaps not absorb all the positive suggestions. Mixing things up, can help create variety, and so make it more interesting for you to listen to the same session several times.


I hope you get some good and lasting benefit from using this relaxation hypnotherapy session. Take care, Paul
Dr Paul Ogilvie
Dr Paul Ogilvie