Cancel Membership

It will be sad to see you leave, but if you do want to cancel your recurring membership payment, there are 3 ways you can do this:

Option 1 to cancel membership:

If you joined using PayPal, you can cancel your recurring membership payment within your own PayPal account. When you do this, it will automatically cancel your membership here on this website as well.

For more information on how to cancel your PayPal recurring membership subscription, please click here.

Option 2 to cancel membership:

Fill in the form below, using the email address in your membership account, and click cancel:

    Option 3 to cancel membership:

    You can send an email to Please put “cancel membership” in the email subject line. You should receive confirmation of your membership cancellation within 48 hours.

    After you have cancelled your recurring payment, you will still have membership access until the end of your subscription period. For example, on the monthly subscription, if you cancel after 3 weeks, you will still have 1 week left until your membership access expires.

    If you do cancel, thank you for being a member. I appreciate it. If you ever want to return, you are more than welcome.

    Dr Paul Ogilvie