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Sleep & Letting go Guided meditation

The aim

This is a combined session for letting go as well as helping you to drift into sleep.

The aim is that you drift into sleep whilst listening to this session.

As you drift into sleep, there are suggestions for letting go. Letting go of any thoughts or feelings, letting go of what has happened during your day, or worries about the future, or any thoughts that might be going around in your mind.

It is about letting go, so you can be in this present moment, enjoying it as it is, as you relax and drift into sleep.

Even if you drift into sleep during the first few minutes of this guided meditation, your mind will still absorb some of the positive suggestions as you drift into sleep.

Often the last words or thoughts we have at night, before we go to sleep, can positively affect how we feel and go about our next day.

How to use

Just click play when you want to go to sleep.

In general, the more you use this guided meditation, the more benefit you will receive from it.

Which version to use

You can use this version, or there is a 10 minute version. Use whichever version that fits best into your normal day.

I hope you enjoy using this sleep and letting go guided meditation, and that it works well for you.

Wishing you a deep and restful sleep,


Dr Paul Ogilvie
Dr Paul Ogilvie