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What is Emotional Freedom Technique EFT?

Emotional freedom technique EFT is a tapping therapy. It is tapping on acupuncture points on your body, in a particular sequence. These acupuncture points are the same points that are used in thought field therapy TFT.

Emotional freedom technique EFT is used to reduce or eliminate negative emotions associated with memories or situations or traumatic events. These negative emotions include anxiety, fear, stress, guilt, hurt, anger and so on.

Thought field therapy TFT is the original tapping therapy. It was founded by Dr Roger Callahan in 1979.

Emotional freedom technique EFT was developed by Gary Craig in 1994. He was one of the first students of Dr Roger Callahan. He combined the tapping points used in Dr Roger Callahan’s thought field therapy TFT into one sequence. He then used this one sequence, with some of his own techniques, to treat all conditions. This is unlike thought field therapy which uses different tapping sequences to treat different conditions.

Emotional freedom technique EFT is more widely known about than thought field therapy TFT. This is due in part because Gary Craig simplified the approach, and he was better able at spreading the word about it.

For information about how the tapping therapy works, please see the article on thought field therapy TFT.

The main differences between emotional freedom technique EFT and thought field therapy TFT are:

  1. In EFT there is just one tapping sequence which is used to treat all conditions. In TFT there are different tapping sequences for different conditions.
  2. In TFT the order in which the points are tapped is important. In EFT this is not as relevant as it only uses one sequence.
  3. TFT considers toxins as a potential barrier to getting good results from tapping. By eliminating or reducing the effect of a toxin, the tapping can go from, not doing anything for an individual, to being very effect for that person.

I have used both emotional freedom technique EFT and thought field therapy TFT. I have seen very good results from both of them.

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Dr Paul Ogilvie
Dr Paul Ogilvie