Binge Talkdown

It has been a long time. I’m going to start posting to this newsletter again, about once a month.

The theme of this newsletter (and the website) is going to be about being healthy. About being healthy first, as a way forward. It is about developing healthy habits and thoughts, and letting go of unwanted habits and thoughts.

To help with this, here is a session titled ‘binge talkdown’.

This session is about staying with those uncomfortable and compulsive binge thoughts and feelings, and not acting on them.

It is to help change those habitual binge thought patterns, so they become less of an issue both now, and in the future.

You don’t need to have a weight or food issue to use this session. It can be used for any state of mind where you feel compelled, or overwhelmed, or over-stressed, or craving, or filled with compulsive negative feelings and thoughts.

I hope it works well for you.

Until next time.

Be healthy.

With good wishes,


This session is now only available in the member’s area. The link to the page is here.

20 thoughts on “Binge Talkdown”

  1. Thank you for this important session. I will be using this powerful tool every day.
    I was able to incorporate detailed visualizations. It has been difficult to forgive myself.
    You are deeply appreciated. (no response expected ~ I realize you are so busy.)

    1. Dr Paul Ogilvie

      Thanks and I hope it helps. Many people find self-forgiveness very difficult, but it can be very helpful, and a good way forward.

  2. Thank you Paul
    Much appreciated you have helped me change my outlook on life for the better and people close to me are feeling the benefits of the peace and love within me
    Thank you so much …..hugs

    1. Dr Paul Ogilvie

      Thank Holly! I’m hoping to pace myself this time, and commit to one blog post or session a month, and see where it goes…

  3. Thank you Paul, this was great, it really hit a chord with me! I love hearing the music more as well. I have bought and downloaded the mp3 versions of your other recordings; will you make this one available for that as well?

    1. Dr Paul Ogilvie

      Thanks Susan, glad you liked it :) Thanks for your previous purchases. This session is in the membership for streaming, but I hadn’t really thought about doing individual mp3 downloads for the new sessions, but perhaps I might; I’ll give it some thought. Thanks.

  4. So happy you’re back! You’re relaxation tapes have been helpful over the years, and I have recommended them to many of my patients.

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