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Weight Loss and Sleep Hypnosis


The aim of this session is to help you to start to lose weight and sleep better.

How to use

This session is designed to be listened to when you want to go to sleep. And even though you drift off to sleep whilst listening to this session, your mind will still absorb some of the positive weight loss suggestions while you sleep.

Ideally aim to listen to this session every night for at least 7 nights, and then whenever you wish depending on your personal circumstances.

How this session can help you sleep better

Hypnosis is not the same as sleep, but it can lead easily into sleep.

The aim of this combined weight loss and sleep hypnotherapy session is that you drift into sleep while you listen to it.

If your insomnia doesn’t have an underlying cause, or is related to stress or anxiety or worries due to pressures in your life, then this combined weight loss and sleep hypnotherapy session can work very well for you.

Just click play whenever you want to go to sleep.

However you do not have to be an insomniac to use this session. It works well both for people who have insomnia and as well as for people who have no problems getting to sleep.

How this session can help you to lose weight

This session can help you to start lose weight in two ways;

The first way this session hypnotherapy can help you lose weight:

By getting a good night’s sleep and feeling refreshed and relaxed the next day you are more able to cope with the stresses and strains of life, and you will be less likely to comfort eat or snack on junk food.

Sometimes people who don’t sleep well, may also have a weight problem. It can go hand in hand. Due to the lack of sleep and feeling tired and stressed the next day, you are more likely to use food as a way to provide comfort. It is often easier to overeat, and more tempting and convenient to eat junk food than it is to eat good healthy food when you are sleep deprived.

The second way this hypnotherapy session can help you lose weight:

This session has weight loss suggestions to help you lose weight by:

  • Eating less
  • Eating more slowly
  • Stopping eating when you are full, or the sensation of physical hunger has gone
  • Eating healthier food

In some ways, this is just the start in the process of changing your relationship with food. It helps you to lose weight and take on those healthy eating habits you would like to have.

And finally...

My wish and aim for you, is that you are happy with every step you take along your weight loss path. I hope you reach your weight loss goals, and that you are proud and happy of the person you have become in the process.

I hope you enjoy this combined weight loss and sleep hypnotherapy session.

And, if it works for you, I would be grateful if you could share it with someone else who may also benefit from it.

Thank you.

Take care,


Dr Paul Ogilvie
Dr Paul Ogilvie