The Mountain, The Valley & The White Light

I have written and recorded this meditation for someone who is in a very difficult situation. She has huge challenges, and wanted something to help her develop a warrior mindset. This is to help support her mental and spiritual fight against what she is up against. This meditation is not as overtly forceful as being a warrior, but I do hope it helps her in a holistic way.

This meditation uses metaphors and is about self-healing and focusing on what you want, and how to get there, and overcoming challenges and barriers along the way.

Where ever you are in life, and whatever path you are on, I hope you find this meditation useful.

With good wishes,


P.S. This meditation will be free to use, here on this blog for 1 month from the publication date. If you are on the newsletter list, this will give you plenty of time to use it. 

The link to the member’s page, which also has the longer sleep version, is here.

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4 thoughts on “The Mountain, The Valley & The White Light”

  1. Hi Paul,

    Thank you for the new meditation I expect it will help many people as all your recordings are very beneficial.

    I am asking you for your help please. I did ask you before. Please could you do a recording for premature ejaculation. It is really putting a huge stress on my relationship and i am in desperate need to fix this problem. Your other meditations have helped me greatly. I will be happy to pay you for your time or donate the money to any cause you .
    I know this a commen problem for many men that alot of men are too shy to seek help and live with this condition for far too long.

    You would be helping me and many others.

    If you could help me please do contact me on email.

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Ashton,

      Thank you for your comment.

      It can cause a lot of distress, and is very often under reported. I am sorry to hear it is causing stress on your relationship.

      I will reply to you by email now.

  2. Hello Paul,
    Thank you for another really helpful recording! I listened to it today and got up full of energy or maybe determination to do things I was procrastinating about. I will listen again tonight but could not find the sleep version in the member’s area. Never mind, the 37 min version is enough for me. It would be nice thought to have it on my phone where I keep your recordings for easier access. Is it possible to post it on an email? I can pay or donate to have it!!!

    1. So glad you liked it! I’ve put it under the ‘personal’ tab in the member’s area, and there is a sleep version on the page. I’ll also put it under the sleep tab as well. I’ll email you about getting it on your phone.

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